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DIY Credit Repair Ebook + DIY Credit Repair Letter Kit + One Hour Phone Consult


What’s Included:

DIY Credit Repair Ebook that goes in-depth on how to delete negative items off your credit report with exclusive tips and tricks and a step-by-step playbook on what to do from start to finish.

  1. 18 Different Dispute Letters
  2. Personal Information Dispute Letter
  3. Inquiry Removal Letter
  4. Late Payment Removal Letters (3)
  5. Covid Late Payment Removal Letter
  6. Collection Removal Letter
  7. Medical Collection Removal Letter
  8. Debt Validation Letter
  9. Failure to Validate Letter
  10. Charge Off Removal Letter
  11. Pay to Delete Letters
  12. Bankruptcy Removal Letters
  13. Repo Removal Letter
  14. Method of Verification Letter
  15. Goodwill Letter
  16. Follow Suit Letter
  17. Identity Theft Letter

One hour phone consultation with me where we go line by line on your credit report and I will coach you on what letters to use and how to raise your credit score depending on your specific situation.