Wholesome Financials

Who We Are

A family owned business whose passion is to help the community take control of their financial future. We love seeing families thrive in all areas of their life and we believe finances is a key component in living a wholesome life.

What We do

Authorized User Tradelines

A tradeline is any account that appears on your credit report. Examples of tradelines include mortgages, auto loans, student loans, furniture loans, jewelry loans, installment loans, and credit cards of all types. We have access to authorized user tradelines, which means you can pay to become and authorized user on someone else’s credit card. This account will appear on your credit report, adding positive payment history thus increasing your credit score in as little as 30 days.

Credit Coaching

We analyze your credit and create a game plan based on your specific needs. We can help you get access to low-interest fee credit cards and loans and teach you how to use your credit efficiently so you can start taking control of your financial future.

What Our Clients Say?

Before starting my credit repair journey I was overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Now that my score is in the high 700s I have hope for great opportunities coming my way, and I have Wholesomefinancials to thank.
Yesica Aragon
Paralegal Assistant
The thought of starting a credit repair journey was a very overwhelming process. Wholesome Financials helped me understand the importance of credit repair by guiding me and educating me on the proper steps to take. Finding an honest company that genuinely cares about their client’s credit really motivated me to organize my priorities and achieve my credit score goals.
Brigitte Guerra
Production Manager
I never thought about my credit score until my son told me about Wholesome Financials and how Susan helped him. I wanted to build my credit score and Susan worked with me and now my score is in the 700s thank you Wholesome Financial.
Marietta Burks
Housing Specialist